Friday, March 14, 2014


Possessions don't mean much to me
nothing at all, anymore, in fact
there was a time when I was always wanting
what the next man had
a woman, a finer meal, a better horse

but now I can't seem to be bothered
now that I've left it all behind
I can't seem to remember
why it all meant so very much

will healing mean filling up my life with
wants again
swarming over everything
like insects over a piece of rotted fruit
always hungering
am I going to cure myself
or be all the more damned?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


can't be plagued

mother sees me with my pristine skin
and she sees hope, not flesh on my bones
mirth in her eyes
(been so long since they've been dry)
so used to seeing the dead unburied in
mass graves
forgot the living walked the earth

can't be bothered
by her joy

she's got a boy and a man
down below
with Charon and Hades and Satan
wants me to meet them all
thinks I can't be plagued
can't be bothered
to die

she just needs me to fall
down below
and say

mother's worried sick
but she's not ill
wants you to know how much she cares
that you're gone
carry on, my wayward son
carry on, my lover fair

the Lord works in mysterious ways
through undead mists I'm working
to mysterious leys

carry on, carry on
can't be bothered